About us

Our focus is set to publishing of the literature to suit the needs of The Slovak University of agriculture in Nitra. Primarily, it is the study literature (monographs, textbooks, scripts, handbooks, etc.) with focus on the latest knowledge from the agricultural field and related areas, following the individual focus of the faculties, departments and other facilities of the University.
We provide editorial processing and publication design followed by it’s processing. Our services represent a closed perimeter of the manuscript processing from it’s graphical editing, preparation for press using current graphical software (pre press), through the press process (press) to the bookbinding (post press). We also print information and promotion brochures, guidelines, forms and accidental printed matter. We offer production press, V1 binding, lamination, coil and plastic binding, scanning, final thesis print, graduation cards, business cards and posters.
In the case of free production capacities we also accept orders from external physical or corporate entities outside SUA. The most of the distribution of our production flows through the Student literature shop, which is situated at the entrance to the CH pavilion and it’s eshop can be found here.